Helping people trust one another

We help you gather all your reputation from different data sources so that you can control it, own it, and leverage in the best ways that benefit you to prove you are trustworthy.

History of Trust

Once upon a time, people in small tribes had to know and trust one another with high accountability towards each other. As cities became larger, people did not know each other and accountability was lost, leading to fraud and mistrust.

In a world where we move countries more than ever before, work as freelancers, trade with strangers and make friends online, we need our reputation to travel with us, so that we can prove who we are and why we can be trusted and viceversa.

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Our technology: Network of Trust

In 2016 we were awarded a patent (US9363283B1) for the Network of Trust, which recognises our work in how we measure people's reputation based on their social media footprint.

On Traity you can build your reputation through:

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Your own social accounts, which Traity will analyze on your behalf, giving you privacy while proving the important things.

Recommendations from other friends who have high reputations on Traity.

Together this builds your reputation score and profile, which you will be able to share and show to the people or companies you want to prove your trustworthiness and footprint history.

Privacy and Control

Control: You can choose whether you want your profile to be public (only the relevant information will be shown) or private (to give access to people that you choose to see your reputation score). We don't keep the passwords from any of the sites you aggregate and they have a one-time use. We only store the information of the analysis rather than all the information from the different networks. You can decide what goes in and out of your reputation profile, so you have full control.

Ownership: If you are on the blockchain train, you can read more about what we do with blockchain to give you full control over your own data. This will help decentralize credit scores and reduce barriers to entry to the opaque bureau of credit systems, giving fairer access to more people. Learn more here.

Use Case: Trustbond

Traity has partnered with some of the largest insurance companies in the world to launch Trustbond. Trustbond helps people replace the rental deposit with trust. So if you are a tenant, instead of paying $2000 upfront to your landlord for the deposit, Trustbond will take care of it for a premium of around $250. This gives the tenant a lot of cashflow benefits, and protects landlord with the same $2000 amount that they need.

The whole process of Trustbond only takes Traity scores into consideration for eligibility. If you are a reputable member of Traity, you can get a Trustbond*

Financial Services and Sharing Economy Companies

If you are a financial service or sharing economy company, learn more about how you can help your customers get access to your services based on their trustworthiness, rather than just their traditional credit scores.

Reputation: A new form of assessing risk which is more human and will enable great potential customers whom you might have rejected otherwise simply because they did not have previous debt.

Real time: Users can aggregate their reputation in a few seconds, giving you new data points to make decisions upon.

Accountability: With our blockchain-based platform you can also write into people's reputations (once they give you permission) creating an accountability circle where they have all the incentives to be good customers to grow their reputations.

This will give you a competitive edge to give your customers better opportunities and fairer access to your services.

Talk to us to learn more.