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Imagine an internet where you can trust everyone

The Reputation Standard

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More than 4,500,000 users

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Have you ever met people online?

We ‘meet’ strangers regularly. Sharing homes, offices, cars, tools, dating… Unfortunately, there is a fear when dealing with strangers, and they feel the same…

Traity is a network of trusted people. Enjoy making connections anywhere with our reputation standard.

Own your reputation

Today, the stars you earn on eBay can only be used inside eBay. Your AirBnB reputation within AirBnB… so who owns your reputation?

With Traity you own your reputation. And you can use your reputation passport to become a trusted member of any community.

Your reputation passport: Prove your reputation to anyone

Identity verification

You are who you say you are based on your personality, bio, awards, key links, most relevant pictures...


"The star" ratings you have earned on sites like eBay, AirBnB, etc…

Social networks analytics

What your Twitter, FB, LinkedIn say about your personality, interests, experience, friends, etc.


Get trusted by other trusted members in order to increase your reputation.

Transparency loves privacy

At Traity, Transparency and Privacy are good friends. When you provide information about yourself, including reviews, interests, a verified phone number, etc, we put a fortress around your data, allowing you to decide who can access it.

When you register to a partner website using your Traity account, you will be a trusted user from the first minute. This way there is full transparency and safety about who you are, and at the same time, you are in control of your information.

Hey, Sharing Economy startups!
Increase your sales with the Reputation-API

Verifying users is arduous and expensive. You take unnecessary fraud risks, and most importantly, your other users suffer risks. Furthermore, it's annoying for new users to start with 'zero stars'.

Now you can benefit from the reputation acquired by users from other sites to empower and enable trust between your users faster, increasing transactions. The reputation passport helps users to become Trusted Members from day one, increasing their peace of mind.

Our Reputation-API and widgets will take the burden away from you so that you can focus on your business.