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The social reputation score

The Reputation Standard

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Trust is the core of our society. Reputation is the fuel of trust.

Traity is a Reputation Score that helps you prove your trustworthiness to other people, empowering access and fairer opportunities in financial services, insurance, relationships, sharing economy services or even jobs.

Own your reputation. Leverage your trustworthiness

When small societies of humans started, they all knew each other’s reputations and were able to trade safely with one another.

By aggregating reputation from different sources like AirBnB or eBay, you can create a great reputation score that helps you prove you are a great citizen across the Internet, reducing the gap of trust and enabling your data to work for you.

Your reputation passport: Prove your reputation to anyone

Identity verification

Prove that you are who you say you are.


Use your "star ratings" reputation from sharing economy sites like eBay or AirBnB to work for you.

Social networks analytics

Your social media footprint from sites such as FB or LinkedIn is a key indicator of your reputation that you can leverage to prove your personal credibility.


On Traity you can build your Network of Trust, our Patented Technology (2016) that leverages and shares reputations of groups of friends.

Transparency and privacy

Your reputation belongs to you. You are the one who should benefit from it, for all the services you need and deserve, whenever you decide to leverage it.

The data you share with Traity is only available to you and to the people you give access, when you give them access. You can also set the privacy level of your profile and download your data any time.

Using your Traity reputation score across the Internet will help you prove your trustworthiness without having to give away more information about yourself.