Traity is a startup with people located in Madrid, US, UK, Budapest and Australia. We started in 2012 and have raised 3 rounds of financing so far. The first one was a small accelerator Round with Seedcamp and 500startups. Then a larger round of about $700k with Horizons Ventures, Lanta, BDMI, and then a SeriesA of $4m with ActiveVP, Horizons Ventures, KRW Schindler, Lanta and BDMI. We also have some great angels who have helped us build Traity, including Lisa Gansky, Dalibor Siroky, Juan Lopez and Matthew Bothner.

We still have funding from our previous round, but we might start looking for new funding round at some point in the next few months. If you are an institutional investor interested in the opportunity to help improve the lives of millions of people, I will be very glad to speak at It would be even better if you are introduced by any of our current investors.

Active Venture Partners

Amerigo venture fund based in Barcelona.

Horizons Ventures

The investment arm of Mr. Li Ka-Shing based in Hong-Kong.

KRW Schindler

Luxemburg investiment vehicle with Philipp Schindler as cornerstone investor.


The prime European accelerator based in London.


Bertelmanns Digital Media Investments based in Berlin.

Lanta Digital Ventures

Super Angel fund based in Barcelona.


The startup accelerator in Sillicon Valley.

Dalibor Siroky

Australian Entrepreneur

Lisa Gansky

Founder of US Enterpreneur, Reputation economy guru

Juan López-Valcárcel

Chief Digital Officer at Pearson

Matthew Bothner

Chair of HR and Leadership at ESMT. PhD in Sociology