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Empowering trustworthy people to build a fairer world.

If you are a student, immigrant, freelancer, or work for a startup, the old credit score system does not recognize you as a trustworthy citizen. Prove how wrong they are and get the conditions you deserve.

Why a new form of scoring?

Credit scores were born to measure people’s ability to pay, and their main sources of data where whether you had paid other debts before. This creates a tail chasing game which leads to high levels of debt and slavery. People with non-traditional forms of employment (like freelancers, students, or immigrants) are particularly vulnerable, and always seem to start from zero and suffer from higher interest rates, even if they are perfectly great people.

We need a new form of credit score that empowers people. Fortunately today we have new data sources to assess whether people behave well and are trustworthy. Traity´s algorithms use non-credit data like eBay or AirBnB profiles, FB and LinkedIn social networks, to determine people’s trustworthiness, giving you the chance to get access to the services you need at the prices you deserve.

Our purpose and why it matters

Traity's purpose is to help in building a world where we can trust one another, empowering people to access the things they need based on trust.

Our world will become 40% freelance by 2020, fully globalized and online. It's critical to give users of the sharing economy and people without traditional jobs and backgrounds equal opportunity of access to financial services.

Traity aims to become the credit score of the future: holistic, fair, proactive and giving people of any backgrounds the opportunity to prove their trustworthiness in real time. A credit score that travels across borders, so that we don't have to start from zero every time we move to a new country. A credit score that takes you into consideration.

How does it work and how do I increase my reputation?

When you register on Traity, you can provide access to different social networks, marketplaces and other forms of data. We will do an assessment of that data to understand your behaviors better and give you a trust score.

Most importantly, you can create your "Network of Trust". These are the people, your friends and family, who really trust you. They can pass part of their reputation to you as vouchers, and viceversa. The higher your trust score, the more benefits you will receive at fairer prices.

Why Traity?


We recently patented the network of trust. We have a team of researchers continuously thinking of new forms of measuring trust more effectively with data available to everyone.

Ethics and team

From the very beginning we understood that this is as much a technological challenge as it is an ethical challenge. We don’t sell people’s data. With Traity you are always the one using your data proactively for the benefits you want. Just like you show your library card to the librarian when you want a book, it should be you who shows your trust score only to the people who need to see it when you need to get access to a service.


We are working with banks and insurance companies to provide more services where you can leverage your trust score. At the moment we are working with the housing problem (for trust between landlords and tenants) and car insurance industry (especially for young people), but there are many more use cases coming.

Data and Privacy

At Traity, Transparency and Privacy are good friends. When you provide information about yourself, including reviews, interests, a verified phone number, etc, we put a fortress around your data, allowing you to decide who can access it.
Also, all the reviews you add to Traity, are added to Blockchain. You can learn more about it on traity.org

About Traity

Rachel Botsman, the thought leader of the sharing economy, mentioned Traity at the Skoll World Forum 2016. This is what she had to say:

“Traity is providing access to benefits to people without traditional credit scores”

Rachel Botsman