We increasingly do more transactions with strangers, from buying and selling things online to carpooling.

Traity aims to create a better world where we can trust one another as digital citizens. In order to do so, Traity measures people's trustworthiness through their behaviours and actions on the Internet, analysing people's public social profiles, such as Twitter, taking personality tests within Traity and studying reviews on sites like eBay, to create profiles where you show your reputation and credibility. It's not about creating one score for one person. We have different strengths and weaknesses and we are good at different things. Traity understands this diversity and looks at the people's personality strengths or Traits, so that we can find the right person for the right opportunity: for sales, finding a job, or for carpooling.

Traity is backed by some of the most renowned venture capital investors worldwide, including Horizons Ventures of Li Ka-Shing in Hong Kong, BDMI of the Bertelsmann group in Germany, Lanta Digital Ventures of Spain, 500Startups of Dave McClure in the Silicon Valley and Seedcamp, the prime accelerator in Europe based in London.


  • · EmprendedorXXI Madrid 2013
  • · BBVA OpenTalent 2013
  • · Spain Startup 2013
  • · Bizcamp Tel Aviv 2012
  • · Seedcamp Berlin 2012
  • · 2nd place ActuaUPM 2012

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