Alternative to traditional Risk Scoring

Traditional scoring is mostly based on previous debt.

Traity's alternative form of scoring is based on personal reputation, to help people get access to any financial services by proving they are trustworthy citizens.

What we do

Traity enables global citizens to build and port their reputational information from different data sources.

When you plug Traity's Reputation Gateway to your service, you can request your users to build their reputation profile at any time in your user experience. The user will be transferred to the gateway to complete their profile. Those users can later decide to share their important reputation information with your company via API, but not the raw data, enabling trust while maintaining privacy: As an example, you would see that they had 4.9 stars on eBay in 58 transactions, but not what the user bought.

You can then use the reputation scoring of your customer to enrich your decision making.

Live Demo

Play with our widget prototype to learn how users will build their TrustScore.

Or if you want to try a real demo (you will register with your own user data), click here


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This is your dashboard. Here you can connect your accounts (a high quality one could give you 95 points) and you can also create your network of trust.

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Why Traity: Social Risk Score

Traity's social score is more human, and can outperform traditional scoring for different perils, particularly those with high moral hazard.

Traditional risk scores don't apply to everyone, especially migrants, students or freelancers. Give a fairer treatment to the great customers of the future with an alternative, specially suited for fintechs, startups, insurers and banks.

Learn more about our patent, the Network of Trust (US9363283B1).

Traditional insurer vs Traity AUC for differents perils


Our risk scoring runs on blockchain through the Reputation Network, an open source privacy project that enables users to control and own their own data, allowing them to give permission to companies to access such data with their permission.

The Reputation Network also allows your company to write off-chain reviews about those customers, hence rewarding them for good behaviors when using your service, as it will contribute to their own risk scores, while you benefit from lower risks thanks to those improved behaviors.

Use Case: Trustbond

Traity has partnered with some of the largest insurance companies in the world to launch Trustbond. Trustbond helps people replace the rental deposit with trust. So if you are a tenant, instead of paying $2000 upfront to your landlord for the deposit, Trustbond will take care of it for a premium of around $250. This gives the tenant a lot of cashflow benefits, and protects landlord with the same $2000 amount that they need.

The whole process of Trustbond only takes Traity scores into consideration for eligibility. If you are a reputable member of Traity, you can get a Trustbond*

User Privacy

Traity allows users to share their reputational data with control and ownership.

When you share, for example, your eBay account with Traity, we analyze your data and might find that you had a star rating of 4.9 with 170 transactions of an average of $34 and with some consistent adjectives like "A++" or "great customer". When you share your Traity data with a third party, for example, a financial company, we will be sharing those exact metrics, not the raw data. This gives you the ability to show only the important data the third company needs to know (the fact that you are trustworthy), without giving away the privacy of what you might have bought or sold on eBay. We believe this is the best compromise between trust and privacy.

This allows your data to work for you. Where in the past many companies have benefited from people's data, Traity enables people to benefit from their own data, to get access to things that matter to them.

The data you share on Traity can be deleted and downloaded, and you are the only person who decides who that data is shared with. We consider this to be the golden standard of GDPR should be.


Starting is easy. Signup and create an app. We will guide you through the process.

Traity runs on Blockchain for further control and ownership of the consumers. You can manage your own Ethereum keys or we can manage them for you, depending on your level of confidence.