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Alternative Risk Scoring

Credit scores are mostly based on previous debt. Traity proposes a more human score that is based on personal reputation, to help people get access to financial services when proving they are trustworthy.

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Why Traity Score

Our score is not only more human. It works and outperforms traditional scores for different risks and perils.

Traditional credit scores don't apply to everyone, especially migrants, students or freelancers. Give a fairer treatment to the great customers of the future, talk to us.

Learn more about our patent, the Network of Trust (US9363283B1).

Traditional insurer vs Traity AUC for differents perils

Permissions and Gateways

Integrate our reputation gateway on your service. Users will build their reputation profiles on your own site, and you will get all the relevant information from their profiles with their permission and through our APIs.

ML and Blockchain meet in a real use case

Traity’s scores improve with machine learning. When your customer ends using the service, you can write a blockchain based review through our API. This improves scoring and creates an accountability loop for your customers, who also feel more rewarded for using your services as your review contributes to their scores.

Learn more about our blockchain based platform, the Reputation Network. Or ask us about it.

How it works

Improve your current score in minutes having better insights of your customers


Start using Reputation Gateway is quite easy.
It only requires to generate the session link using your NEO keys and add it in the point of your application's flow that better suits to you.

Building the Trustscore

Users will be able to add to the relevant information sources to build their TrustScore and prove their trustworthiness.

Process can be completed in a few minutes.

Reading the Trustscore

Once the user finishes the process and gives permission to your company to their TrustScore, you will be able to read it with a simple call to our API at anytime during your sales process and take more informed decissions.

Do you have any questions?

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