Say hello to the Traity team. The mission of this team is to create a world where we can trust one another.

Juan Cartagena
Co-Founder / CEO

Juan is CEO at Traity. Juan is both MBA and Engineer.

José Ignacio Fernández
Co-Founder / CTO

Jose is a software hacker and Traity's CTO. He started coding video-games as a kid, and then he got serious. Loves making things real, creativity, and is a forever amateur guitar player.

Borja Martín
Co-Founder / CDO

Borja is what you would call a real full stack web developer. Need to transform a design into HTML or some backend development? No problem. Need to deploy a MongoDB sharded cluster in Xen virtualized instances (whatever that means)? He is your man.

Miguel Torres
Finance Director

I was formerly a senior auditor at PWC to later create my own auditory company. When I am not bringing realism to the Traity team, you might find me playing basketball with my 3 year old son.

Javier Ruiz Corisco
Software Engineer

Javi thinks software is just a means to an end, the end being making our lives better. E-health advocate. One half of his heart full of Atleti, the other full of volleyball.

Juanjo Herrero Barbosa
Software Developer

Open source passionate. He’s the one that actually reads the docs (and kind of enjoy it). Did we mention he started coding because of Pokemon?

Daniel Anastasio
Product Designer

Dani is an multidisciplinary designer specializing in digital processes. Nature, art and new technologies lover, passionate about music (was the lead singer of a Metalcore band that shared the stage with some well known artists). He is also big fan of Japanese animated films.

Soraya Megías
Office Manager

Soraya is our Office Manager. She helps keeping the balance between the creative part of the company and the business point of view. She loves Rock music, TV Shows and Design, and she is the proud mom of two wonderful kids.


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