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Will Soutar
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Will Soutar

Brisbane, Australia


I have spent the past 11 years within Suncorp leading or participating in our most significant change projects (including LSP, claim centre, employee promise, and strategic innovation). I have experience throughout the innovation process from ideation through to market launch. The happiest and proudest moments of my career have come from being involved in this type of work.

I find Suncorp&#x27;s new strategic direction extremely exciting, because it recognises the need for us to continually innovate and evolve to stay relevant in a changing world. This matches my experimental mindset and passion for learning through play.

I believe that the door is open for Suncorp to take a lead role in what business looks like in the future. I want to be part of that journey.

My hope is that Suncorp can grow into a purpose-led business which builds authentic relationships with people and the natural environment. Suncorp has an opportunity to help reshape our consumer economy to a new one where purpose-led businesses and shared and durable prosperity are the norm i.e. using business as a force for good.

I am passionate about reshaping our consumer economy, because it is ripe for change. Global issues are causing people to buy less, create, make and share together; and connect to create a sense of community. People are now curious, wiser and increasingly have the capacity and willingness to contribute to a sustainable future.

I want to help make the world a better place and I believe that I can best do this by helping Suncorp evolve, experiment and become purpose-led. Eventually I hope to start my own social enterprise start-up and I believe that an experimental role in Suncorp will allow me to continue on that path.


Queensland University of Technology

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Strategic Innovation Option Lead
Suncorp Group
To lead the design, management and execution of strategic option in-market experimentation to enable Suncorp to learn about external structural change as both threat and opportunity, test alternative business models that will help the Group renew its business model and bring a customer platform strategy to life in ways that are differentiated and sustainable.
Management of strategic options includes design, testing and prototyping of emerging business models through internal projects, through co-creation with external individuals and/or start-ups, or through participating in the development and scale up of an external partner business.
Strategic Innovation Principal
Suncorp Group
Develop and deepen the understanding of structural changes, identification of strategic risks and implications for the Personal Insurance (PI) business.
Contribute to the design, monitoring and dynamic management a portfolio of Strategic Options to deliver intelligence, develop capabilities and establish positions in the market that will leverage future changes in structural context to PI’s advantage.
Contribute to the activity of observation, sense-making and strategic learning to ensure adequate and robust insight is delivered to the organisation and is taken into consideration to build resilience and drive competitive advantage.
Risk Manager
Suncorp Group
Proactively identify, assess and control operational risks that could impact the strategic goals of the Customer, Product and Pricing division.
Drive the continuous improvement of risk practices and assist in creating a risk aware culture in the division.
Ensure CPP activities are conducted in compliance with internal and external policies, regulations and laws.
Portfolio Leader
Suncorp Group
Responsible for identifying, designing and implementing programs of work which maximise short and long term strategic business objectives (namely unit growth and return on investment).
Accountable for the profit and loss outcomes for Suncorp's intermediated personal motor insurance brands Vero and Resilium.
To promote growth and retain business, whilst ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory and internal requirements; and proactively identify, assess and control risks that endanger strategic objectives.