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Will Soutar
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Will Soutar

Brisbane, Australia


I have spent the past 11 years within Suncorp leading or participating in our most significant change projects (including LSP, claim centre, employee promise, and strategic innovation). I have experience throughout the innovation process from ideation through to market launch. The happiest and proudest moments of my career have come from being involved in this type of work.

I find Suncorp&#x27;s new strategic direction extremely exciting, because it recognises the need for us to continually innovate and evolve to stay relevant in a changing world. This matches my experimental mindset and passion for learning through play.

I believe that the door is open for Suncorp to take a lead role in what business looks like in the future. I want to be part of that journey.

My hope is that Suncorp can grow into a purpose-led business which builds authentic relationships with people and the natural environment. Suncorp has an opportunity to help reshape our consumer economy to a new one where purpose-led businesses and shared and durable prosperity are the norm i.e. using business as a force for good.

I am passionate about reshaping our consumer economy, because it is ripe for change. Global issues are causing people to buy less, create, make and share together; and connect to create a sense of community. People are now curious, wiser and increasingly have the capacity and willingness to contribute to a sustainable future.

I want to help make the world a better place and I believe that I can best do this by helping Suncorp evolve, experiment and become purpose-led. Eventually I hope to start my own social enterprise start-up and I believe that an experimental role in Suncorp will allow me to continue on that path.


Queensland University of Technology

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Country Manager (Fintech)
Our mission is to empower trustworthy people to build a fairer world, by replacing outdated credit scores, with trust and reputation.
Financial insitutions say that large segments of our society are not credit-worthy, well maybe those financial institutions are not people-worthy. The current system is inefficient, unfair and filled with mistrust.
We are a financial services company like no other. We exist to unlock access for underserved segments of society - immigrants, students, millennials, freelancers, small business owners, etc. These are our champions.
Strategic Innovation Option Lead
Suncorp Group
To learn by doing through designing, developing and running in-market experiments to understand global structural change as both threat and opportunity.
To test alternative business models that will enable large incumbent businesses to renew in a changing, complex and uncertain world.
Partner with thought leaders and makers who are driving global changes relating to climate change, AI, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, resilience, IOT and modular financial services.